AAL2Business webinar on crowdfunding on 18 June

AAL2Business resumes its series of useful webinars to all entrepreneurs with a special session on crowdfunding on 18 June at 14:00 CET. The webinar is free and open to everyone interested in the opportunities hidden in crowdfunding tools.

Over the last several years crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular option for both entrepreneurs and investors. Crowdfunding has established itself to be a successful alternative in acquiring or investing money, it adds an emotional component to an investment, creates communities, validates concepts, reduces innovation risk and is a great marketing tool.

The goal of the webinar is to understand how crowdfunding can be used as an alternative form for financing innovation and how it can be complementary to traditional forms of financing.

Save the date: 18 June at 14:00 CET

The webinar will highlight different crowdfunding models and explain which crowdfunding model is most suitable for certain projects or organizations. Further, the webinar will give practical advice which aspects have to be considered to run a successful crowdfunding campaign and how crowdfunding can be used to validate a potential market.

As an outlook we will include the views of investors and public authorities to this innovative form of financing by discussing trends in match funding and strategies for investment portfolio diversification.

The webinar will be led by Dr. Conny Weber, a Senior Research Analyst at the European Crowdfunding Network (Belgium) and teaching about Financing Innovation at the Danube University Krems (Austria). Her work and research topics are mainly related to innovative business models and alternative financing instruments, enhancing access to finance for entrepreneurs and SMEs. 

If you have any questions about the upcoming webinars, you are welcome to contact the AAL2Business team at: info@aal2business.com


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