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Kyle Van Horn Creative Commons
Kyle Van Horn Creative Commons


The AAL2BUSINESS is an action of support that helps companies in their business development and commercialization challenges related to solutions developed under AAL projects. It offers a wide variety of support actions addressing AAL projects in different stages of their life-cycle: before obtaining the funding, during the implementation and after the end of the projects:





The AAL2BUSINESS is built along a set of different activities with the aim to:

  • Support AAL participants in building a consortium that can deliver a commercially viable solution ( workshop with every publication of an AAL  call for proposal – in conjunction with the Info-day-);
  • Support projects through on-demand business coaching on how to bring the AAL solution to the market (business model);
  • Organise methodology workshops to strengthen the business thinking and the market orientation of AAL projects;
  • Provide on –demand training to AAL project participants to present their solution to provide investors to support access to finance;
  • Organise matchmaking events between AAL solutions and the demand side at the AAL Forum;
  • Build a network of investors for AAL solutions.


The service providers are a consortium led by VTT Technical Research Center of Finland with the partners Nordic Healthcare Group and Health Information Management Spain S.L. and the Steering Committed is composed by the AAL Central Management Unit and governing bodies members from the Netherlands, Austria, Flanders, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Spain.



 how to apply



Is your project interested in fine-tuning the business plan and commercialization related aspects?

Apply for a business coaching session




Is your project mature enough to meet private investors?

Apply for an access to finance session




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*Only for AAL Programme’s projects

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