More than 40% of the entities funded are SMEs

We aim at funding development and innovation projects that show a clear promise to bring new products, solutions or services concepts to the market within 2-3 years after the end of the funding period.

Large, medium and small enterprises are encouraged to participate in our projects. More specifically, in each project it is necessary to have one business partner and one SME. Due to the close-to-market nature of the programme, the development of suitable business cases for the developed solutions is an essential part of our projects.


We aim to provide as much support as possible to consortiums to enable them to commercialise products and services.

AAL2Business is a support action that aims to help AAL projects enter the market.

One of its main priorities is to help consortiums in their business development and commercialisation challenges related to solutions developed under AAL projects and it offers a wide variety of support actions addressing AAL projects in different stages of their lifecycle: before obtaining the funding, during the implementation and after the end of the projects.

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