International Day for Older Persons

Source: the UN/Paulo Filgueiras

Today’s international day of older persons marks an important moment to highlight the important contributions that this increasing part of citizens make to society and raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges of ageing in today’s world.

This year’s United Nations’ theme is aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 10 and focuses on preventing old age inequalities equality, and how we can address inequality issues.  Such concerns become more prominent as our societies grow older and experience new challenges.

The AAL Programme wants to highlight the potential that digital technology solutions can bring to ageing well and stay active, and thus permitting persons to contribute actively to societies. We aim at promoting the well-being aspects of healthy ageing!

Empowering older persons in all dimensions of development, including promoting their active participation in social, economic and political life, is one way to ensure their inclusiveness and reduce inequalities.

If you want to know more about the activity and future plan proposals of AAL, click here.



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