Join a policy seminar on Ageing in the Digital Era with AAL Director

Join a policy seminar on Ageing in the Digital Era on 24 November organised by UNECE with the participation of the AAL Programme Director  Mr. Klaus Niederlander.

As UNECE reports, digitalisation holds important promises for ageing populations. These include innovations, efficiency gains and cost-savings, including in the health and care sectors, the labour market, lifelong learning and social participation, as well as assistance and gains in autonomy and independence for older persons, whose physical and cognitive abilities are impaired.

The 4th UNECE Policy Seminar on Ageing will focus on three policy challenges associated with ageing in the digital era: the need to enhance digital skills and literacy, the need to ensure access to services that increasingly move online, and the protection of human rights.

The policy seminar will provide space for the exchange of experience between policy makers, civil society and the research community across UNECE member States.

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