Learn more about AAL sessions on European Collaboration at Health Valley Event 2022!

The Health Valley Event 2022 is approaching fast! The annual event taking place from 15-17 March 2022 will gather many experts all across Europe to exchange and discuss this year’s challenge:

“Ensure that we will at least live 5 years longer in good health by 2040 and reduce the health differences between social classes by 30%.”

The AAL Programme will contribute to two out of seven separate tracks focusing our sessions on Ageing Well and promotion of European Collaboration

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Learn more about Track: European Collaboration

European Collaboration is key to creating sustainable health and care systems. Join us for several sessions to discuss together how can we create systemic change together. Read more about the content of the sessions below!

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Health & Care / Ageing Well eco-system perspective


About the session :

The people & eco-system perspective: A framework for collaborative action

Being part of and collaborating within a health & care eco-system requires a common understanding about what this means in practice: what exactly is an eco-system, its boundaries, its different dimensions or key development challenges? How does an eco-system function? And how can we collaborate between health & care eco-systems around Europe? Many questions, which will be put into the appropriate context of the participating eco-system actors for this kick-off exchange in the ‘European Collaboration’ track.

Led by Klaus Niederlander and Victor Haze

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Practical tools for health & care eco-system emergence & development-Part 1 & 2


About the session:

Practical tools for eco-system emergence & development : First session on health & care eco-system design & practice

Following the initial eco-system framework exchange from Day 1, eco-system actors as well as interested participants are invited to work together in two 45 minute workshops. The objective is to carve out common eco-system development challenges and potential ways to address them, based on collaborative, self-determined and people-centered approaches. The two workshops will on the one hand allow to dig deeper into practical health & care eco-system challenges, such as around joint vision & direction, governance, economic sustainability, and to learn from the different regional experiences. On the other hand, the participants will be guided to make use of practical collaboration tools in addressing certain challenges or giving them a more concrete direction for action.

15 :30-16 :15

Learning by doing (continuation of Part 1) : Second session on health & care eco-system design & practice

Based on the emerging topics from the first workshop, participants will test different approaches towards either addressing such challenges or provide them with a more concrete direction. Given the experimental nature of these workshops to learn and advance in an eco-systemic innovation approach, the facilitators will ensure to also bring in potential new participants while focusing on the continuation of the first workshop’s outcomes.

Led by Klaus Niederlander and Victor Haze

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Emerging international health & care eco-system collaboration


About the session :

Inspiration session on emerging eco-system collaboration in Europe.

Building on the exchanges and participatory work on Day 1 and 2, it is time to get some inspiration on collaboration within and between health & care eco-systems in Europe. For that purpose, we will bring two eco-system actors/experts on stage to share their mutual experience with the audience, in particular about that liberation of creative energy within a secured environment, that need for resilience and perseverance and above all that collaborative spirit between people and organisations.

Next steps for European health & care eco-system collaboration


About the session:

Following the intense discussions over the three days, it’s time to take stock and provide a glimpse into further collaboration opportunities in 2022 and beyond. This informal workshop will potentially use creative exchange methods like the fishbowl, in order for each and everyone to provide their thoughts, feedback, ideas and envisaged actions forward.

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