Call 1


ICT for the management and Prevention of chronic conditions of older adults (Closed)

The AAL Joint Programme launched one Call for Proposals in 2008. The call topic was “ICT based solutions for Prevention and Management of Chronic Conditions of Elderly People”.

The core of AAL Joint Programme was to provide innovative Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) based solutions to elderly persons, which means innovative products, systems or services addressing identified needs of the end users.

Projects funded under the AAL Joint Programme were multinational, collaborative and costshared. Funding contracts of individual project partners were concluded with the national funding authority.

Objectives of the Call

The Objective of the Call was to launch European collaborative projects providing innovative ICT based solutions for elderly persons with identified risk factors and/or chronic conditions.

The Call promoted the creation of new solutions with a holistic approach to prevention, management, support services and the social and socio-economic environment related to chronic conditions.

The AAL Joint Programme called for proposals with a clear European dimension, with high relevance and with maximal impact on progress in the fields described in the topic definition.

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Indicative guidelines for AAL collaborative project characteristics:

  • Time-to-market perspective of 2 to 3 years after the project end;
  • Duration of the project: 12 – 36 months;
  • Project total budget: 1 – 7 M€;
  • Maximum funding from the AAL Joint Programme: 3 M€.

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