Call 2021

The topic for the AAL Call 2021 is:


Call Features

The aim of the Call is to support innovative, transnational and multi-disciplinary collaborative projects.

While keeping an open call approach (i.e open to all 8 AAL application areas), the Call 2021 would like to stress three elements, namely an inclusive health & care approach (health prevention, preservation of physical & mental health, social participation), the stimulation and upscaling of innovation in active & healthy ageing through health & care eco-systems and the accessibility of digital solutions to end users, e.g through education for greater e-literacy.

Both Collaborative Projects and Small Collaborative Projects will be supported by 2021 Call (countries participating in SCPs should be checked once the Call text published).

Call 2021 Info Days to take place from 27-28 January, 2021 in an online format. Read more here!

Read the full Call text below 

  • The Guide for Applicants click here
  • The Part B application template for Collaborative Projects click here
  • The Part B application template for Small Collaborative Projects click here
  • National Eligibility Criteria click here

Version 5 (06/04/2021): Updated Eligibility Criteria for MUR (Italy)

  • NEW Declaration of Honor click here
  • NEW Best practices adopted by AAL projects to cope /overcome Covid-19 restriction measures click here
  • NEW Reading – the Impact of the Upcoming EC Medical Devices Regulation on AAL Solutions click here

Disclaimer:  Applicants should be aware that the Call text can be slightly updated during the Call publication. It is in the interest of applicants to monitor the Call webpage regularly.

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Deadline: 21 May 2021 at 17:00 hours Central European Time (CET).

Collaborative projects

  • Collaborative projects (carried out by consortia composed of at least 3 organizations from 3 different countries including an end user organization and a business partner) will remain the main funding tool for this call. This type of projects has a duration of 12 to 30 months with a maximum funding of €2.500.000.

Small Collaborative projects

  • Small collaborative projects have a duration of 6 to 9 months, the same central eligibility criteria as the Collaborative projects, a maximum co-funding budget of €300.000 and leaner application and reporting procedures. Discover more what the two types of projects will fund by reading the Call text.

Information for applicants for SCPs: Due to the nature of Small collaborative Projects (meant to be lean, agile, exploratory and short in time) clinical studies and lengthy/intensive trials are not to be considered for this type of instrument.

Applicants are encouraged to go through the latest tools an support developed by the AAL Programme for applicants and project participants, namely:

  • The new Partner search tool here offering opportunities for finding partners or being found by partners for AAL projects; it also allows to publish general collaboration ideas, not necessarily linked to the AAL Annual Call for proposals.
  • The Public Deliverables analysis and reports here presenting some of the main outputs of previously funded projects covering five key-distinct areas, namely commercialisation of the solution, end users’ involvement and co-creation, ethics and privacy, technological development, and pilots and testing.
  • The new AAL guidelines on ethics, data privacy and security here providing a model that integrates general law compliance with an ethical dialogue

Re-watch the Presentations and the recorded videos of the Info Day 2021!

Welcome words by Alain Thielemans, Vice-President of the AAL Association and Introduction to 2021 AAL Call by Marco Carulli, AAL Programme Operations Manager

Download the Call 2021 introduction here

Healthy ageing and digital transformation, Dr. Vânia de la Fuente-Nuñez,WHO

Download the presentation here

Ageing well – related initiatives and projects in Horizon 2020 by Birgit Morlion, European
Commission, DG CNECT

Download the presentation here

Successful projects supporting end users in the Covid 19 pandemics by Wang Long Li and Susanne Droscher

Download the presentations here and here

Best practices from projects on coping with Covid 19 by Rik Wisselink, ZONMW

Download the presentation here

AAL2Business : experience from a participant by Marco Franchin, Meta Group & Cristoph Stahl, LIST

Download the presentation here

Interested in finding project partners and ideas? Watch all of the project pitches by clicking below!

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