Call 3


ICT-based Solutions for Advancement of Older Persons’ Independence and Participation in the “Self-Serve Society” (Closed)

The AAL Joint Programme launched the third Call for Proposals with the topic “ICT based solutions for Advancement of Older Persons’ Independence and Participation in the “Self- Serve Society”.

The core of the AAL Joint Programme was to provide innovative ICT based solutions to elderly persons, which means innovative products, systems or services addressing identified wishes and needs of the end-users. Projects funded under the AAL Joint Programme will be multinational, collaborative and cost-shared. Funding contracts of individual project partners will be concluded with the relevant national funding authority.

Objective of the Call

Previous calls by the AAL JP have targeted specific application areas.

In Call 3, the approach is different, focusing on the structural, pervasive challenges to an ageing population when society requires mastery of technology of all citizens: ”ICT-based Solutions for Advancement of Older Persons’Independence and Participation in the “Self- serve Society”.

Find the projects that were funded under this call


This call funded proposals for innovative ICT-solutions that enable older people to:

  • Preserve and enhance independence and dignity in all aspects of daily life;
  • Take active part in the self-serve society;
  • Stimulate and support the capacities required for such participation (e.g. mobility,physical, and cognitive);


Read the Call 3 Full text and the national eligibility criteria (pag.23)

Proposal Template Part B

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