Remote HealthCare Workshop at the National Hellenic Research Foundation

A workshop on remote healthcare which will showcase the technology behind the DOCTORSHELLO ecosystem will take place on the 20th November 2023 at the National Hellenic Research Foundation in Athens, Greece.

Healthcare organisations are constantly looking for unique ways to leverage disparate data, make faster-informed decisions, and decrease the cost of care. During this event, attendees will gain an understanding of the DOCTORSHELLO ecosystem, with a live demonstration of the practical parts of the remote monitoring solutions, as well as insight into how CAREPOI will support innovative electronic healthcare services in the near future.

DOCTORSHELLO is the first “Connect, Measure, Collaborate” healthcare ecosystem. It aims to support the transformation of the organisation-centred healthcare model into a patient-centred model which not only gives treatment but also covers wellness and prevention. The digital health services ecosystem examines the determinants of social health such as physical, mental and spiritual, and aims to optimise the way that collaborative health services are provided.

A live streaming link will be made available for those who wish to attend virtually. 

Find out more information about the workshop, including the list of speakers, here.

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