Resources for project coordinators

Make the most of the resources we have available for projects

Become a successful AAL project coordinator with the plethora of resources and documents freely available to you, from branding to investment opportunities and understanding your end-users.

What could be stopping you effectively coordinate your project?

Find all you need to know, and all the resources that will be valuable for you as a project coordinator going forward. Important documents, information packs for communication and marketing, guidance on and the significance of involving end-users, and information on the various different opportunities and support available for the success of your project.

Project Management Resources

Guidelines on negotiating, managing and closing your project.

Negotiation phase

Management phase

Closure phase

Communication for projects

And more insights

Communication pack

Make sure your project meets AAL’s branding standards.

AAL Brand Identity Guide

The objective of this Brand Identity Guide is to provide standards of using the brand for the Active and Assisted Living Programme (AAL). Graphic standards are a visual expression of our company and serve as the foundation of our overall communications strategy. A well-managed graphic standards programme provides a consistent message and image. It is extremely important that these standards are followed exactly, to maintain a uniform presentation of successful results.

This Guide outlines the core elements of logo usage and how to apply them to printed and communication materials. Items of any kind that bear an AAL logo may not be produced until there has been approval by AAL. Please note that there is no exceptions to this procedure.

AAL Brand Identity Guide 2020

AAL Logo


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